About Lystra Physical Therapy

Robert Malone, owner and Physical Therapist here at Lystra, graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and has been working as a Physical Therapist for 15 years. Prior to his therapy career, he spent eight years as an Army Nurse and graduated from the University of North Alabama.


He opened his clinic with a very specific goal in mind, to treat like no other! With a heavy focus on manual, one-to-one physical therapy, he tackles issues that have otherwise remained as nagging, unresolved pain. Robert or our Physical Therapist Assistant will treat you in a hands-on fashion for your entire appointment. We believe the patient can complete their exercise routines at home. He has rave reviews from his patients, many of who return to him over and over for other cases.

Lystra Physical Therapy and Wellness was opened in August of 2015 and Robert worked tirelessly for two years on his own to get the clinic up and running. Since then, he has hired Joshlyne Villano (me, the author of this post!) and we are both working hard to bring a new type of therapy to our patients.

Want to be a part of something new? Give us a call and see what all the hype is about.

Our Mission: To provide a well-rounded staff to enable each person to perform at their best ability to function, and provide a means of continuation of self or assisted maintenance of wellness.

Our Goal: To have each person performing at their highest level of function with the least amount of pain. Therapy should not be painful. However, we do expect some discomfort at times. We also expect to give and receive honest feedback on your improvements, neutrality, and declines. We also ask for your compliance in your home exercise program to provide the safest and quickest recovery to return you to an optimum level of health.

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2 thoughts on “About Lystra Physical Therapy

  1. My husband, Carl had knee replacement on right knee in Feb of 2018, it healed good. Then in July of 2018 he had the left knee replaced, about 2-3 weeks later he had a fall, followed by several more falls caused by blackouts. Each time he tore tendon, had to have surgery again, then he got a serious bacteria infection. To prevent losing his left leg, dr removed all hardware and put in a rod from hip to ankle. He’s had some therapy at TOC between 8 eight surgeries total on left leg. About 6 weeks ago he’s started having severe dizzy spells, after many test by different specialists , ending with an ENT this week to find out the dizzy spells was being caused by vertigo. We had the PT to correct that yesterday, will follow with one more visit next wed. Now to the issue that has taken his life of doing anything for fear of falling, he needs to learn to walk with a stiff leg , do things he wants. Most of all to get beyond fear to love without falling , he uses a walker and wheelchair now. I will call today for his surgeon to write a prescription for therapy like you give. Carl is a healthy 85 year old , only health issue is A-Fib , which he takes Eliquis for preventing a stroke. He’s not in a-fib often , wore a heart monitor for a week , only went in it twice. They attempted to put in the Watchman, would not fit his. I would like to start this the week after thanksgiving. Do you take Medicare, then Blue cross supplement. Look forward to hearing from you. Joyce moody, wife


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