Who We Are

C0002-Foundation-Fitness-And-Health-HS-Robert-05 (2)Robert Malone RN, BSN, MS RPT

Owner/Physical Therapist

Robert Malone is a native of north Alabama. Being born in Decatur, Alabama, he made his way through Decatur High School and attended the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama. During high school and undergraduate, he was a student athletic trainer for multiple sports. While at UNA he joined the ROTC program and was commissioned in the U.S Army as a Registered Nurse. During his 8 years of active duty he was able to work with many critical patients and was able to take some master level classes in critical care. His heart was truly in Physical Therapy, and after working a year in the Emergency Department in Auburn Alabama, he was able to attend the Univeristy of Alabama Birmingham to receive his masters degree in Physical Therapy. After graduating with his masters degree he began working in Huntsville, Alabama. Since then he has continued to expand his horizons in the therapy world. With a nursing and physical therapy background, this gives Robert a unique way to envision each patient and to work toward the best functional outcome for each of his patients.



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