Tired of low back pain?

*These blog posts are intended as education. If you are suffering from severe pain, please consult your physician to ensure your issues are not something more serious!

Us too! But that doesn’t mean it magically disappears. Well, it might at the hands of Robert.

Low back pain can have many causes and a lot has to do with your job.

Sorry, this isn’t an excuse to quit your day job. Though you should listen to this podcast if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

It’s the end of a long Monday at work, you stand from your desk after cracking your back and slouching all day. Your lower back is aching so terrible you pop ibuprofen so that it knocks the edge off the pain.¬† You assume it’s your posture, and you would be correct in this assumption, but only partially. Another simple mistake is simply NOT taking a break from the computer and standing throughout the day.

When we sit in a flexed position for extended periods of time, our psoas (pronounced so-as) can shorten and pull on the lower back.

Wait, am I suppose to know what PSOAS means? No, not unless you’re a med student or crazy about anatomy.

psoas 2.png

Okay, now that we have a picture, you can see that this large muscle extends up from the top of your femur to your lower vertebrae (the 12th thoracic and 1-5 lumbar). This muscles function is to flex your hip. Bring your knee toward your chest and you’ve flexed your hip! This function is vital in everything we do including going up stairs, running, and walking.

If this muscle is tight from sitting in a flexed position all day, then when you stand to leave for home it pulls on your lower back- causing you lower back pain.

How can we prevent, or even help alleviate, low back pain caused by tight hip flexors?


  1. Stand at your desk every 20-30 minutes, if time is permitting. Take a scenic stroll around your desk chair. Walk down to the restroom or get some coffee. Go let your boss know you’re the bomb diggity. You get it.
  2. Try these stretches multiple times a day (before you get out of bed, at work, when you get home, and before bed).
kneeling quad stretch
Leaning forward at the hips.
Lying in bed, bend inside leg to relieve pressure on hip flexor. Let half the outside leg glute (buttock) hang off the bed and allow the weight of your leg to stretch the hip flexor. Do this to both legs even when you are not having back pain.


If you see no improvement from these two simple steps, give us a call for a free fifteen-minute consultation or schedule your initial evaluation. Our office phone is 256-325-2070

Have you got other questions? Comment below and we would love to answer!


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